Cuz most of you haven’t seen me with longhair yet o_0 via Instagram

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Every. Time.

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Grandma still got it

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Batarangs my sister got me

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15 Ways You Are Probably Wrong About Anarchists, Agorists, and Voluntaryists


  1. We don’t want to turn your government anarchist. That makes as much sense as accusing you of wanting to dye your hair “bald”.
  2. We get it, there’s no historical precedent. That tends to be a common problem with new things, yet new things are created every day.
  3. We don’t…


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"It is bitterly ironic that heavy State propaganda has convinced many people that anarchists throw bombs, since most anti-war movements, draft resistance, disarmament, and tax resistance groups were organised by anarchists of one sort or another. Perhaps 0.01% of anarchists throughout history have used a bomb; 100% of all States bomb, shell, and machine-gun regularly as a matter of course."

Samuel Edward Konkin, An Agorist Primer (via anarchei)

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getswitchordietrying Asked: What is the official date for Half Xmas? And whilst we're on the subject, is there a date for Fake Easter?


The OFFICIAL date to set your calendars for Half Christmas is June 25th.

That makes June 24th Half Christmas Eve.

That makes June 23rd as your last real-deal shopping day before Half Christmas.

While we’re answering the subject of your question, Fake Easter can be any day of the year that isn’t real Easter.  Even then, it’s a pretty grey area.

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Dusty Hill, Billy Gibbons, & Dave Grohl.

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